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Network Design and Development

Out key Network Services are:

Network Design and Deployment

Tshendensoft offers design and implementation services for your network Infrastructure no matter what the size. Whether you need a new network or if you are updating an existing network, we can provide a design and implementation solution for you. We are experienced in Cisco, D-Link, Windows Server, Linux Server and Linux Network Server technologies. Our team are skilled in Network Security, VoIP, Active Directory, Wireless Access Point installations.

Wireless Networks Design and Implementation

Wi-Fi networking and mobile networking are revolutionizing businesses world wide. In today/s competitive environment, innovative services and applications are critical in helping companies maintain agility and differentiation.

Tshendensoft offers a complete integrated wireless solution utlizing the best of technology options. We provide wired + wireless technology integration that it is backed by our years of experience in designing secure networks that can keep you safe from hackers and security breaches.

Benefits of Tshendensoft’s Wireless Services

  • Best class performance and coverage in a complete solution
  • Highest possible security
  • Easy to manage and use
  • Cost effective deployment
  • Scalability and flexibility